Daily Life

Morning Welcome

Fern Class Morning Welcome
朝の挨拶 8:45-9:00
Fern Class Circle Time
サークル タイム 9:00-9:15
Koru Class Morning Welcome
朝の挨拶 9:00-9:15

Morning Activity

Koru Class Activity
アクティビティ 9:15-10:15
Fern Class Activity
アクティビティ 10:45-11:45

Literacy Time

Fern Class Literacy Time
読み書きの時間 9:15-10:15
Koru Class English Time
英語と遊ぶ時間 10:40-11:30

Morning Tea Break

Toilet time then Snack & Play time

Lunch & Play Time

Prepare for lunch
お昼ご飯の準備 11:45
昼食 12:00-12:30

Afternoon Activity

Koru Class Activity
アクティビティ 13:00-13:45
Fern Class Activity
Storybook / Music / Art Activity
おとぎ話/ 音楽 / 芸術活動 13:00-13:40

Clean Up & Home Time

Clean Up and Home time
片付けと下校 1:45-2:00

Toilet Breaks

Both Koru and Fern Classes have ample toilet breaks during the day.


毎月食べ物や共同生活などのテーマがあります。その月を通して 手工芸、識字、料理などの活動を テーマにして学びます。


Birthday Party

We celebrate each child's birthday with a special event. Children receive a birthday medal and card on their special day.

Field Trips

We go on field trips several times a year. Field trips often correspond to our monthly themes and include picnics, visit to local places such as Kasugai Botanical Gardens, fire station and Aichi farm.


We celebrate Halloween with a special event where parents and children can experience traditional halloween customs such as trick or treating and costume party.

Christmas Concert

It's always a special time at Kiwi around Christmas. For the month of December children learn about and experience traditional New Zealand Christmas customs. A visit from Santa Claus is always exciting for the children.

Monthly Themes

Each month we have a theme that includes special activities such as cooking and craft.

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