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Kiwi English Preschool is an English immersion preschool which follows the New Zealand Early Years Curriculum adapted for an international setting. We cater for children of any nationality from the ages of 2 to 6 years old using English as a common language. Even though our teachers are proficient in Japanese they only use English in the classroom environment. It is our objective to create a English-only environment as much as possible.

Kiwi English Preschool’s parent school [Kiwi English School] was established in 2009 and from quite humble beginnings the school role has grown to over 250 children and in January 2016 to accommodate such numbers the school relocated to its current location. While the school has grown in popularity its founding principal of offering reasonably priced English language education in an at-home family like atmosphere has never wavered.

キーウィイングリッシュプリスクールはニュージーランドの設定する国際幼児カリキュラムに基づいた英語漬けのプリスクールです。当校は、共通言語として英語を使用し、2歳から6歳まで、あらゆる国籍の児童に対応します。教師は日本語に堪能ですが、教室では英語だけの対応になっています。出来る限り 英語のみの環境を作ることを目的としています。


Our Staff

Koru Class

アルビーはオーストラリア人の先生です。日本での10年間の教師経験があります。 3人のキッズの父でもある彼は小さいなお子さんへとても親身になって対応しています。
Alby from Australia has 10 years experience of teaching in Japan. He is also the father of three young children himself.

Fern Class 2019

A teacher of English in Japan for the past 16 years and Kiwi English School owner since 2009.


Aviti is currently studying Japanese and is enrolled in an education course via distance learning.

Japanese Assistant

保育士免許を取得し、TOEICは900点以上で英会話は完璧な女性を迎えます。 アルビーのサポートをしながら特別クラスも持って頂きます。
A Japanese licensed English speaking preschool teacher supports the native teachers.


質の良い幼児教育 「キーウィ」方を提供する事で、成長する心を養成し変化する世界をお子様に用意します。

お子様達が 学ぶ事に好奇心と情熱を持ち、自信を持って積極的に学習するコミュニティを目指します。

Our Mission​

To nurture growing minds and prepare children for the changing world by providing a high quality early childhood education the ‘kiwi’ way.

For our children to become a community of confident actively involved learners with enquiring minds and a passion for learning.








Our preschool strives to...

Immerse our students in oral and written language by offering ample opportunities for experience and practice. 

Create a cooperative classroom where children are encouraged to interact in a positive way.

Provide multiple opportunities for children to work independently or with the teacher  in large groups, small groups, and individually.

Allow opportunities for the chance to have continuous teacher monitoring of language, writing and motor skills. Observe and record children and their learning.

Give children experience with real mathematical and scientific processes.



子供達が車、列車セット、パズルブロックなどの色々なおもちゃで遊ぶ事が出来る おもちゃ/パズル エリア

子供達が自由に英語の絵本を選び 静かに見たり、教師が読み聴かせたりする ライブラリー エリア

子供達が料理を作ったり、食べ物を配膳したり、家族ごっこで遊んだり、買い物ごっこをしたりして、日常生活での多くの役割を経験する ドラマチック プレイ エリア

アートや書物、オヤツや昼食のために 椅子とテーブルを備えた 多目的エリア



屋外には遊具と砂場を備えた 遊び場があり、野菜や植物を育てるミニガーデンもある 小さなエリアがあります。


Classroom Environment

Our bright and spacious play area is divided into several spaces;

The toy/puzzle area where children can play with a variety of toys including cars, train sets, puzzles, blocks etc.

The library area is where children can freely choose English picture books and quietly look at them or have a teacher read them a story.

In the dramatic play area children can pretend to cook, serve food, play house, shop and perform many role plays of daily life.

A multiple use area with tables and chairs for art and writing activities also serves as the eating area for snack and lunchtimes.

The school also has 3 large multi-purpose classrooms which serve as classrooms for the Koru, Fern (nensho) and future Rata (nenchu) and Kowhai (nencho) classes.

The school is equipped with a full kitchen.

There is a small area outside for outdoor play which includes 遊具、a sandbox as well as a mini garden for growing vegetables and plants.

In the summer months we prepare a covered small pool for water play.

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